Problem-based Learning Strategies for Teaching Military Social Work Practice Behaviors: Review and Evaluation

James D. Whitworth, Joseph R. Herzog, Diane L. Scott


This article outlines and evaluates a military social work course as it has been taught by three social work faculty members at two universities in the southeastern US. The authors highlight why these courses are needed within social work undergraduate and graduate programs. They report how CSWE-identified military practice behaviors are addressed within the course. They also describe how practice-based learning approaches appear to be ideally suited for teaching military social work curricula. Data on student perceptions of military social work courses and the application of problem-based learning are presented along with an assessment of knowledge gains and ability to practice military social work. Findings reflect that social worker students find these courses helpful and that they believe that problem-based courses in this subject help prepare them for initial work with this population. They also highlight the need for an extensively updated military social work textbook addressing major changes within the military and social work over the last decade.


Military social work, problem-based learning, practice behaviors, social work education, Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)

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