Considering Family and Significant Others in the Faculty Recruitment Process: A Study of Social Work Recruiting Practices

Michael E. Sherr, Johnny M. Jones


One of the most important facets of quality social work education is the
recruitment and retention of faculty. This mixed methods study uses findings from
an on-line survey of 106 recent (within three years) faculty hires and their (n=24)
spouse/partner/significant others (S/P/SO) to determine the degree to which family-
integrative recruitment strategies were being used in recruiting social work faculty
and the impact with which the presence or absence of these strategies have on retention. A majority of respondents reported that S/P/SO were excluded from the recruitment process.Though the few respondents who felt included were pleased with their
current position and planned to pursue tenure to stay with the school, a significant
number of faculty whose S/P/SO were not involved were already contemplating their
next position.The authors suggest family integrative strategies that help S/P/SO connect with the community may give social work programs the competitive edge they
need to attract and retain the best and brightest social work faculty.


Family, recruitment; education; social work; spouse; partner

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