Spiritual Histories and Latter-day Saints: A Mixed-Method Preliminary Validation Study

David Hodge, Gordon E. Limb


Spirituality plays a primary role in health and wellness for many Latter-day Saints (LDS). Despite being one of the largest religious cultures in the nation, few, if any, spiritual assessment tools have been validated with this population. This mixed-method study modifies an existing spiritual assessment approach—spiritual histories—that may be congruent with LDS culture. Using a national sample of experts in LDS culture (N = 100), this study identifies: 1) the degree of cultural consistency, strengths, and limitations of the approach at a conceptual level, and 2) a culturally valid question protocol to operationalize the concept for use with LDS clients. The results suggest that spiritual histories represent a highly appropriate assessment method for LDS clients. The paper concludes by providing suggestions to administer an assessment in a culturally competent manner in clinical settings.


Spirituality, assessment, spiritual history, Latter-day Saints, Mormons

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