Booked for theWeek: A Survey of the Use of Bibliotherapy by Licensed Clinical Social Workers

Rich Vodde, Danny R. Dixon, Martha M. Giddings


Despite its general acceptance, there has been no research exploring the
actual use of bibliotherapy by Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs). This study
sought to determine the extent to which LCSWs, represented by a random sample
from one state, used bibliotherapy for specific problems, identified relevant variables
that influence bibliotherapy use,and compiled a list of books currently used by
respondents. Results suggest that bibliotherapy is used for numerous specific problems
and LCSW endorsement of bibliotherapy by LCSWs is similar to that of respondents
in other disciplines. Unlike studies involving other disciplines, LCSW usage
patterns were not related to gender and less related to employment settings.


Bibliotherapy, self-help; clinical socialwork; behavior change

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Copyright (c) 2003 Rich Vodde, Danny R. Dixon, Martha M. Giddings


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