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Cardenas, Paul
Carlton, Jesse, St. Joseph County, Indiana Adult Chief Probation Officer, South Bend, Indiana, USA
Carter, D. Bruce, Syracuse University (United States)
Cary, Suzanne, University of Missouri
Case, Loren
Casey, Erin, University of Washington, Tacoma (United States)
Casner, Robert W.
Castillo, Jason T., College of Social Work, University of Utah (United States)
Chakradhar, Kala, Murray State University (United States)
Chandler, Marquis A., School of Social Work, Morgan State University 1700 East Cold Spring Lane, Jenkins Building Room 343 Baltimore, MD 21251
Chang, Valerie
Chaumba, Josphine, Troy University (United States)
Chavis, Llena, Murray State University
Chavkin, Nancy, Texas State University, School of Social Work (United States)
Cheon, Jeong Woong, University of Kansas (United States)
Cherry, Donna, East Tennessee State University (United States)
Cherry, Donna
Cheung, Siu-kau, Community College of City University (Hong Kong)
Chierchio, Marianne
Chitereka, Christopher, The National University of Lesotho (Lesotho)
Cho, Hyunkag, Michigan State University (United States)
Chonody, Jill M., Indiana University Northwest
Chou, Rita Jing-Ann, University of South Carolina (United States)
Christensen, Jeff, Idaho State University (United States)
Christy, Kameri, University of Arkansas School of Social Work
Clarkson Freeman, Pamela A., University of Maryland School of Social Work (United States)
Clement, Ashley
Cless, Jessica D., Kansas State University (United States)
Cloud, Richard
Coe Regan, Jo Ann, CSWE
Cohen, Carol S.
Collie, W. Aaron, Michigan State University (United States)
Collins, Kathryn
Collins, Kathryn S., University of Maryland School of Social Work (United States)
Collins, Kathryn S.
Collins, Wanda Lott
Colvin, Alex D., Prairie View A&M University (United States)
Compton, Kathy
Conaway, Michael B.
Congress, Elaine P.

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