Advancing Discussion of Federal Faith-based Social Service Policies through Overview and Application of Established Health Services Research Models

Michelle D. Garner


Since the 1990s, federal policies have allowed public funds to support social services provided through pervasively faith-based organizations (FBOs). Public and academic discourse on these policies tends to be marked by limited data, narrow scope, and the lack of an appropriate analytic framework to adequately consider and critique the merits of the policies, as social workers are compelled to do. The goals of this study are to identify, and preliminarily apply, an established policy analysis model appropriate for use with FBO policy in order to progress discussion. Health service researchers Aday, Begley, Lairson, and Balkrishnan (2004) provide a theoretically based policy analysis framework, which is appropriate for this task and for use by social workers. Their effectiveness, efficiency, and equity policy analysis model is presented along with data and analysis intended to help frame and progress productive discussions on FBO policies within and beyond the profession.


Faith-based, Andersen behavioral model of health services use, social service policy, religious intervention

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