Addressing Older Latinos’ Spiritual Needs in Hospital Settings: Identifying Predictors of Satisfaction

David R. Hodge, Robert J. Wolosin, Robin P. Bonifas


Many older Latinos use spirituality to navigate the challenges associated with hospitalization. Although spiritual assessments are typically recommended in such settings, little, if any, research has sought to identify factors that predict satisfaction with the process of addressing clients’ spiritual needs. Using a national sample of recently hospitalized older Latinos (N = 227), this secondary analysis identified predictors of older Latinos’ satisfaction with how well their spiritual needs were addressed during their hospitalization. Among the eight predictors examined, room quality, nursing staff, and physicians were positively associated with satisfaction, while the discharge process was negatively associated with satisfaction. By understanding the factors that predict satisfaction, practitioners are better positioned to provide culturally relevant and effective services to older Latinos.


Latinos, Hispanics, older adults, spirituality, health care settings

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