The Impact of Immigration Legislations on Latino Families: Implications for Social Work

Sylvia Romero, Melissa Romero Williams


Under the Obama administration, approximately 1.2 million undocumented immigrants have been deported, (around 400,000 in 2011), placing children (who are often American citizens) at risk of unnecessary mental anguish as well as financial hardship. With republican and democratic leadership tied up in ideological debates addressing the issue of comprehensive immigration reform, many states are left in a dire position and we as a nation end up with draconian anti-immigrant legislation that places more Latino immigrant families at risk. Enforcement-only initiatives leave children and families of immigrants in our country vulnerable. Comprehensive immigration reform is necessary. This article discusses the prevalence of such policy initiatives and their implications for social work education, practice, research, and policy.


Immigration legislation, Latino children and families, immigrants

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