A Game-based Intervention – a technical tool for social workers to combat Adolescent Dating-Violence


  • Emma Sorbring Centre for Child and Youth Studies University West
  • Anette Bolin
  • Jennie Ryding




dating violence, social work methods, game-based, youth at risk


Dating violence prevalence is increasing and effective prevention and intervention methods are needed in order to adress this growing social problem. The use of on-line game-based intervention programmes open ups new possibilities for social worker practice of interventions on a large scale. The purpose of this study was to examine young people´s experiences of a on line game-based intervention programme designed to adress dating-violence among youths. Swedish youths that took part in the intervention programme were interviewed in focus-groups. Results indicate that the use of a game as an intervention method for this socially sensitive topic was perceived as positive by the young people, seeing it as a new, engaging and interesting method. The findings from the study indicate that on-line game-based programme addressing dating violence between young people has the potential to be used as a technical tool in social work practice.

Author Biographies

Emma Sorbring, Centre for Child and Youth Studies University West

Emma Sorbring, Associate professor in Psychology and Research director for Child and Youth Studies at University West, Sweden. Her research and teaching interests lie in the area of children, adolescents and families. Her projects focus on teenagers’ internet use and parental strategies, sexual development in traditional and new settings (internet), dating violence, parental behaviour and children’s adjustment, and young people’s decision-making.

Anette Bolin

Centre for Child and Youth Studies University West